Feel free to contact me with any inquiries regarding services, pricing, or creative collaboration. If you are another photographer or artist and would like to collaborate on a project or devise a trade for services, I'd love to hear more!

Phone: 727 481 6454
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About Me:
My name is Amelia Bartlett, I'm 20, and I'm currently a college student finishing up an AA degree in general studies, simply for the sake of doing it. I've been studying photography in the field for nearly 10 years and have been shooting professionally for nearly 2 years. I try to find beauty in all things and live the most balanced and healthy lifestyle I can in each moment. Photography is my passion and I believe that if you can share your passion with others, your passion will not only be what drives you, but what feeds and shelters you as well. I can only hope to touch as many people as I can with whatever I can offer them, including my photography services, knowledge, or just my friendship.